How to prepare the skin for summer rest

Summer is coming soon! Walking in the fresh air, the sea, the river, or work on household plots - all this can turn into big trouble if you do not think about skin care in advance. How to prepare your body for new loads: exposure to the sun and sea water? What to do, so that the rest is not overshadowed by the burns, irritation and dehydration of the skin received on the first day, and even when suddenly appeared wrinkles?

We prepare for the holiday in advance: we study new variants of trips, we make routes, we interview friends and acquaintances in anticipation of useful advice, we count finances, we buy beautiful dresses and swimsuits. Usually we think it through. But we recommend in advance to think about meeting with sunbathing and the aggressive impact of sea or river water.

Special attention is given to vitamins!

First of all, we must remember that staying in the sun can be dangerous. Under the influence of UV radiation, free radicals are released (this is a special category of "incomplete molecules", that is, molecules from which a vital electron and active forms of oxygen are "torn off"), which can accelerate the aging process, photoaging, and trigger oncological processes. The signs of photoaging include: wrinkles, uneven skin, dryness, vascular network, pigment spots, sunny keratosis (spots of densified, reddish, flaky skin).

Proceeding from this, it is necessary to start taking antioxidant vitamins and supplements with essential fatty acids, as well as to include in the diet products rich in them: fruits, nuts, greens, lemons, berries, fatty fish. In achieving a smooth and beautiful golden tan, foods rich in beta-carotene will help you: carrots, pumpkin, sea-buckthorn.

Remember the moisturizing of the skin

For a week, you need to start moisturizing your face and body, using special creams. It is important that the composition of the moisturizer includes antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea), flavonoids (ginkgo biloba, gammamelis, sea buckthorn, horse chestnut, red grapes) and carotenoids, (rose hips, sea buckthorn, palm, oil carrot extracts And parsley), with the latter not only moisturize the skin, but also give the tan a beautiful shade.

3-4 days before departure, we recommend that you undergo peeling and wrapping the body in the salon (you can buy a quality scrub and peel the house, and then thoroughly moisturize the skin again).

For 2 days it is necessary to do wax depilation at the professional, without leaving this important point of the program for the last day - the skin should have time to calm down.


When going on vacation, do not forget to pack a cosmetic bag with creams with sunscreen filters of two degrees of protection. It is important that the remedy has a wide spectrum of action and could protect you from ultraviolet radiation of A and B spectrum, because UVA radiation is responsible for photoaging and carcinogenesis, its rays penetrate much deeper. If you have a cream with protection only from UVB radiation, then the skin is more likely to be safe, but the whole organism will not be protected. On modern sunscreens indicate the information on which UV-radiation you will protect a particular product.

In addition to this information, be sure to pay attention to the sunscreen factor, which is indicated by the abbreviation SPF. So, 50-30 SPF cream protects you in the first days of sun exposure, and later you can switch to a lower SPF (about 20). But if you have even the slightest fear for your health and skin condition, it is better to use strong protection during the entire vacation. The most suitable for your phototype protection product will help pick up a cosmetologist or a sales consultant.

Protective cream should be applied to the skin in the room about half an hour before exposure to the sun. It is very important! And then you need to reapply the sunscreen after each bath. When you return to the hotel immediately take a shower and use a special softening and soothing after sunburn. If possible, use a special moisturizing fluid for hair - they also suffer greatly from the sun and sea water.

Sunbathing (if this is not contraindicated to you) is best only in the hours when the sun is less active: until 11 am and after 16 pm, and spend the rest of the time in the shade.

There is another little trick that helps to achieve a perfect even and beautiful tan: orange oil. Do not put it on the skin! If you do not have any allergies to citrus, put a drop of oil on a piece of bread and swallow it. Do it better also about 30 minutes before going to the beach.